Blogrolling Plugin für Textpattern

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Nachdem ich jetzt auch meine Blogrolling-Liste auf der Seite haben wollte, habe ich auch direkt ein kleines Plugin dafür geschrieben (Download).


My very first textpattern plugin. This plugin displays the link list of your account from


<txp:fpx_blogroll /> Display the link list of for your account.

This plugin accepts the following parameters:

Required parameter. This is the id of your blogrolling link list.
The label for the link list, will be printed first.
The same as in <txp:category_list />. If used with li, label will also printed in li bracket. Otherwise the complete tag has to be entered, e.g. <br />
The same as in <txp:category_list />. Has to be the tag without the brackets.
Use this if you’re using the recently updated feature of You should set this to a single sign with which you preceed every updated entry. I suggest using a ! (without any whitespace).
Use this if you’re using the recently updated feature of This will be the class name of the recently updated links. You should set the updatemark parameter also for this. This parameter defaults to “updated” if not given.
Sometimes the RPC service of doesn’t work. Use this to set a user defined timeout value. The default for this is 3 seconds (may be to low, so you can set it higher)
Set this to 1 if you don’t want an error message if is not accessible or fopen(url) is not allowed.

Update 1 (0.2):
Fixed bug with not adding breaktag to label if not in list mode.
Added support for update notification.

Update 2 (0.3):
Added timeout and silent parameters since is unavailable which rendered my site unresponsive.

I hope this plugin is useful for you too. Last updated on May 13th 2004.